Offshore Developers Rates in 2023: Best Countries and Best Platforms

They needed to set up an offshore R&D center in Eastern Europe but started working with several providers simultaneously – which slowed down the launching process. We are a service-providing company that works exclusively with IT product companies from different countries. Our team of experts works closely with software developers and their top management to meet the company’s needs in the best way. IT outsourcing is about passing product development or part of it to an IT outsourcing provider.

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Our customer-centric approach to app development and industry know-how results in our client’s remarkable growth and our long-term partnership. We at YouTeam have collected statistics on the average cost of software development per hour based on technology (e.g., .NET, JavaScript, Python, etc.) and experience (junior, middle, and senior). The table below presents the minimum, maximum, average, and median rates for developers featured on our platform. Offshore software development is also often grouped with the nearshore software development model.

How Did Offshore Software Development Rates Change Over the Last Year?

The center has been successful in helping Apple reduce its costs and speed up the pace of innovation. Outsourcing may assist a firm with a serious lack of software engineers or to cut development expenses when required. The worldwide outsourcing industry was valued at more than $98 billion in 2020 and has continued to grow ever since.

By the end of 2050, the industry will be expected to
demonstrate $712 billion in revenue, with 8.5% of the continent’s GDP. Thus, your choice between these two should pivot on your project needs, long-term plans, and the extent of control you wish to maintain over your projects. A designated platform for all team’s communication has proven to be extremely beneficial in terms of avoiding any communication conflict or even to locate any information. We advise that you schedule regular meetings and workshops with your team in advance to talk about tasks, progress, etc. in order to address this issue.

How to Embrace Offshore Software Development Best Practices

If your engagement with an offshore team creates the risk of failing to meet the desired objectives, it is best to seek another alternative that grants you more control over the project. You can immediately employ an offshore development team where each stage of the product development cycle will be handled by specialists. You will spend two or more times less on the hiring process if you work with an offshore development team. Finding a team, holding interviews, and reviewing portfolios, for instance, is all that is required. Remote work was already trending before the pandemic, but now it has taken a huge leap. Hiring remote workers is the perfect strategy to access untapped IT talent.

  • While getting development quotes from several agencies, make sure you’re all evaluating your project scope correctly.
  • This abbreviation will help you analyze the set goals and improve them to obtain a high-quality product.
  • This way, if you ever decide to take your project to some other company, you will be able to.
  • Like any other selection process, there are various factors that determine the choice of the right ODC company.

Due to a dramatically increasing demand, there is a shortage of IT experts in some countries and some domains of technology like data science, big data, AI, DevOps. If you find it difficult to recruit IT professionals in your country, it is wise for you to take advantage of offshore development services. It is important to set up a management structure that will balance visibility and power to facilitate decision-making locally. Not managed properly, your Offshore Development Center may potentially end up with the same communication problems many outsourcing arrangements have. You must ensure to have a project manager for each offshore development team, follow the Agile approach, and introduce reasonable communication practices.

How Much Does Software Development Cost?

If the chosen company takes the time to address your inquiries quickly and substantially, that’s always a good sign. 2) Nightmarish Logistics Keeping both an outsourced office and in-house team on the same page may seem like an unnerving experience. Add to that deadlines, meetings, phone calls, and drastically different time zones, and you’re looking at dragged-out turnaround times. However, finding a vendor in a convenient time zone and stable communication can make a huge difference. – The provider has a large pool of developers to draw from, so it’s likely to have the skills and experience required to match your specific project needs.

offshore development

With the ongoing shortage of talented developers in the US, you’ll find incredible options outside the States. All signs point to offshore software development as the preferred method of building apps in the coming future. We’ve shown how to offshore development choose the right IT outsourcing vendor and where to find them. The hiring process will be very quick, and you’ll be able to communicate with your team directly. Besides, the prices can be quite low even for highly-qualified freelancers.

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After making an outline structure of the process development, an offshore software development company should analyze each and every aspect about the performance review to identify the possible outcomes. A skilled efficient team is one of the most essential requisite for outsourcing your development work. The offshore team must be very well-versed with on-going technical developments in the software industry to combat any complex business challenges of the project. Offshore software development outsourcing is advisable most of the times, but it’s always necessary to have a complete overview of the project at hand before deciding on this option.

And in many cases, you will get neither direct communication with your team nor the opportunity to scale the team. The recent data shows that the software engineer hourly rate of African hubs is significantly lower than in any other outsourcing region. But for this, you will pay higher risks as this region has the worst stability index.

Steps to take to set up an offshore software development center

Offshore product development offices require a small up-front investment, but in the long run they show a high return on investments. Not to mention the transparency of pricing that is very rare with outsourcing providers. Taking care of your offshore development team, you’ll receive powerful commitment like your in-house team. With their entrepreneurial mindset, software engineers in Ukraine eagerly show interest in business development and being part of the company. Cultural and language barriers may pose challenges when working with offshore development teams. Team members who don’t understand the business requirements may derail the team’s process, resulting in more errors and rework.

Metucat drives and controls application development using visual metadata, where the architecture becomes an organic part of the system. You do not have any direct influence on the team of your outsourcing partner. The PMs on the side of your service provider can change the team composition or shuffle particular team members between different projects.

Offshore Development Center Operating Models

In a nutshell, outsourcing refers to acquiring the services of a third-party provider to complete internal operations. Yes, you’re getting remote developers, but they don’t work directly for you. When you outsource talent, you’re entrusting your business’s process to another company.


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